• basics

    basics (25)

    6+ months

    The perfect way to introduce your baby to the wonderful flavors of solid foods. Our pomme bébé basics are silky smooth and puréed from single ingredients.

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  • blends

    blends (26)

    8+ months

    Our pomme bébé blends offer babies more complex flavors and textures to expand their developing palates.

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  • tots

    tots (16)

    12+ months

    Our delicious pomme bébé tots encourage your growing toddler to explore the natural, wholesome flavors of the world.

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  • Subscriptions

    Subscriptions (1)

    all ages!

    Blankets made of exceptionally soft 100% combed cotton fabric, backed by ultra soft dots, all bound up in cheek-rubbing satin. Plus, gift cards in any dollar value

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